The Best Exercises For Desk Workers

Best exercises to do at your desk

Working from home is great for many reasons, but exercise is not one of them.  So, how do we keep our bodies healthy when we’re sat at a desk all day? We share some simple exercises to keep your body healthy when your brain’s doing all that hard work!

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Four Apps to Push Your Productivity Through The Roof


From photo editors to news updates, online shopping to social media, apps have come a long way in the past decade.  In fact, when Apple first launched its aptly titled ‘App Store’ in 2008, there were just 500 available for download, and by next year that number is expected to have hit 5 million.

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Is Speech to Text Software More Secure Than Human Transcription Services?

Speech to text software more secure than human transcription

Is Speech to Text Software More Secure Than Human Transcription Services? The driving force behind your choice of human-based and software-led transcription services usually revolves around outcome and cost. However, the security and confidentiality of your data should also be high up on your list of considerations.  You want a secure transcription service. The thought…

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Why Are UK Based Transcription Services Better?

David dibert 87899 unsplash (1) scaled

4 Key Benefits of Using UK Based Transcription Services When you’ve been looking for a transcription service, you’ve likely given some thought to the cost and the timeframe to get your transcription, but have you considered who is transcribing your audio and video content and where they are? For most of us, security and regulatory…

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