3 Reasons 2019 is the Year to Start Using Transcription Services

4 ways to get quality transcription services on a budget

Are you throwing away internal resources getting transcripts done in-house?

With the many transcription services out there, there’s no need to worry about wasting time transcribing meetings or recordings.

2019 brings with it an unlimited number of options, offering an array of transcription services. From transcribing an interview to creating subtitles for a short film, there is a service out there that will provide exactly what you need.


Here are the top 3 reasons that using transcription services will only benefit your business.

Let’s get started!

1. You know that you will get a high-quality transcript

The ideal audio file to be transcribed is one that is simple, clear and only contains a single speaker. Unfortunately, many business-related audio files that need to be transcribed, such as a meeting or an interview, have multiple speakers, contain complicated jargon and a lot of breaks, ums, ahs and other sounds.

This is what makes transcription so difficult for many people. Even if you are a fast typist, sorting through all this ‘noise’ is a challenge that requires listening to segments of audio over and over again.

The ideal audio file for creating a transcript rarely exists and the reality is that it takes a skilled professional to make out the different voices and to distinguish the important things being said from random noises. A professional will also ensure that the transcription is at least 99% accurate by proofreading it thoroughly and going through the file several times to ensure that they haven’t missed a single word.

With transcription services, you save time and you know that you will get the transcript that you need.

2. You get to choose the kind of transcript that’s best for your transcription needs

Most people, when trying to produce a transcript, will simply start typing out everything they hear. However, without experience, they will probably fail at doing a perfect job capturing every detail. What’s more, a ‘strict verbatim’ transcript isn’t necessarily what you want.

Transcription services give you the ability to pick from several levels of detail that can be customised to your exact transcription needs, and will be produced by a professional — delivering an outcome that you can count on. Although most services will allow you to give specific and tailored instructions, there are three basic categories from which you can pick:

  • Verbatim transcripts — These are also known as intelligent verbatim or word-for-word transcripts, and are designed to be an edited transcript which removes any false starts and direct repetitions. This produces a transcript that is easy to read, but retains all of the details that you need. Verbatim transcripts are the most versatile and common format to request from a transcription service.
  • Detailed notes transcriptions — If you want something that is to the point, but still delivers detail, a detailed notes transcription is the ideal choice. It focuses on specific people or topics, summarising the rest of the content and removing any off-topic chit chat. For example, an interviewer’s questions would be summarised, while critical answers maintained in exact detail. Detailed notes are the cheapest form of transcript, meaning that if this format works for your circumstances, you should make sure to take advantage of the price break it offers.

Choosing the right transcription service can not only help you save time and money, it allows you to access the outcome that is most suited to your transcription needs.

3. Transcription services deliver quick turnarounds without eating up your entire day

A professional transcriptionist typically takes around 4 minutes to transcribe 1 minute of standard quality audio. If you account for the fact that it will likely take you longer, getting a 1 hour meeting transcribed is likely to take the better part of your entire day if you do it yourself. Anything more than an hour, and you need to start looking at transcription services if getting the transcript ready for tomorrow is a priority.

Despite the transcription process being quite difficult and time-consuming, professional transcription services actually have very fast turnaround times — making them convenient and suitable for demanding situations.

The standard turnaround time for transcription services is 24 hours, although 12 hour turnarounds are readily accessible. If you need something rushed through even faster, that can generally be accommodated, it just might cost a little extra. The reverse, however, is also true. If you can wait for slow turnaround times, you will get price breaks that allow you to access high-quality transcription services on a tight budget.

How can I be sure the transcription service I choose is reliable and secure?

There are many ways to ensure that the company you’ve hired to perform your transcription is reliable. For instance, customer testimonials and reviews are a great way to tell how accurate and how speedy a service is. Any business can make wild claims about how accurate their transcription services are or how fast their turnaround times are, but unless they have the credentials to back up those claims, they’re just hollow words that don’t mean anything.

Reliability also comes in the form of transcript security. If you need an important corporate meeting transcribed, then the last thing you want is for that audio file to be leaked around the world — especially to your competitors.

In order to find a reliable service, it’s important to look for a transcription company with ISO accreditations and that advertises the use of TLS or SSL encrypted login portals and storage. At the very least, they need to be using an HTTPS URL and be willing to sign an NDA. For the most sensitive material, look for transcription services that can guarantee internal privacy policy enforcement by not using offshore transcriptionists.

For more information on how to pick a transcript that works for you, to learn about the differences between human transcription services and ASR (automatic speech recognition) software, check out our Ultimate Guide to Transcription Service and make the best choice for your transcription needs.

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