Big Sofa Technologies Video Research Platform Partner With Take Note's Secure & Accurate Transcription Service

The Need

Big Sofa Technologies is a pioneer in extracting data from video at scale in terms of context, behaviour and language. Its focus is on providing authentic behavioural and experiential data from the places and spaces where life naturally unfolds.

To enable the analysis of language, integrated transcription functionality is an important component of the video data ecosystem. Accurate transcripts enable the automated and human analysis of the spoken word to identify themes, sentiment, mood, clusters and anomalies.

Big Sofa's data analysis programmes often involve personal, sensitive or confidential information, which means security and data compliance is a top priority.

We required a provider that can integrate with our workflows and deliver quality outputs at speed, whilst, crucially, meeting our high standards, and those demanded by our clients.

Martin Chapman, CTO at Big Sofa Technologies.

Big Sofa Video Research Platform

The Big Sofa / Take Note Partnership

Big Sofa Technologies Group PLC selected Take Note as their transcription partner to provide transcriptions and captions all through a secure API.

This has allowed the Take Note service to slot seamlessly into existing Big Sofa workflows and provide a slick and efficient flow of information.

Take Note is an ideal partner as they align with our security credentials without sacrificing the quality or speed of outputs. We are able to rely on them to deliver highly accurate transcripts for large volumes of language data. Plus, they're a pleasure to work with.

Sarah Arnold, Head of Operations, Big Sofa Technologies.

Big Sofa Video Research Platform Analytics

The integration meets the highest security standards (ISO 27001 and 9001 certified) and enables the transcripts and captions to be delivered quickly to exacting quality.

Big Sofa Technologies is leading the way in video as data with an ambition beyond 'feedback' or 'survey-style questions' to the capture of natural language and behaviour in context. We are delighted to partner with them in achieving this.

David Abbott, CEO, Take Note.

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