Voice recognition vs speech recognition: the difference and why they matter

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The difference between voice recognition and speech recognition may seem arbitrary, but they are actually two key functions of virtual assistants. Essentially, voice recognition is recognising the voice of the speaker whilst speech recognition is recognising the words said.  This is important as they both fulfil different roles in technology. Voice recognition allows for security…

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Are Human Transcription Services Too Expensive?

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Anyone looking to engage with transcription services for the first time is going to be struck by the vast differences in price. Some services appear to be free while others charge in excess of £2 per recorded minute of audio. Everything that costs more than £0.75 per minute of audio will be a ‘human transcription…

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Speech to Text Software vs. Human Transcription Services

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The Differences Between Human Transcription Services & Software Solutions Although transcription services get spoken of as a ‘single’ thing, there are some really fundamental differences within the category that go well beyond comparing different transcription companies. The massive divide is between automatic speech recognition (ASR) software and human transcription services.

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