How language quirks shape who we are

Language differences

In 2007, professors at the USA’s National Academy of Sciences discovered that native Russian speakers were quicker at identifying certain shades of blue than native English Speakers. And with that gem of a fact, I don’t want anyone complaining that we fail to bring you the important news here at Take Note!

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The History of Limericks

Limericks (1)

In the middle of May we turn our hand to the linguistic thrill and witty spill of limericks, in honour of Edward Lear, who’s birthday we celebrate on National Limerick Day, 12th May each year. 

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A Note on Mental Health

Mental health

A CEO, an actress and a scientist walk into a bar. No, this incongruous group aren’t the setup for the sort of joke your dad might tell you, and they might have more in common than you think. Today we start our conversations around mental health.

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How Transcription Helps Boost Academic Results

Intelligent verbatim transcription

The warm weather seems to finally be upon us, which means in no time at all it will be the summer holidays for those of you still studying.  But before you go planning your beach reading list, you might want to think about spending those lazy, hazy, crazy days a little bit differently this year.

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A Note on Mental Health: Transcriber Charlotte’s Story

Mental health charlotte

Back in May, we shared our thoughts on mental health. It’s a topic that’s generating increasing awareness, in particular amongst the growing community of remote, work-from-homers who can be prone to feelings of isolation, stress and anxiety. We encouraged our transcribers to share their own experience with mental health. Our first is Charlotte, who wrote…

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Word Trend Review 2019

Productivity (1)

We’re over halfway through 2019 (although I swear I only just left that New Year’s party), and that means it’s time to have a look at some of the weird and wonderful words that have crept into our common vernacular so far this year.

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The World Without Words

History of words 1

Whether you live in London or Singapore, Manila or Cape Town, and whether you’re aged 4, 104, or somewhere in between, there is something which unites you with all 7.7 billion citizens of this planet.

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How To Become A Better Listener

How to be a better listener

Have you ever heard the one about the escape goat who got off scotch free?  How about the damp squid who was a real card shark?  I wouldn’t worry, they’re all mute points.  However, they are also some of the most commonly misheard phrases, silent but deadly linguistic booby traps waiting in the shadows to…

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