6 Types of Apps You Need for University

apps for university

University can often feel pretty overwhelming — why is it that even when you’re only a couple weeks into the semester, it feels like you’re already behind on the reading?  Uni is that time that it can feel like you have a billion things to do and no time to do it. So what tools…

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How to Add Captions to Video: a No-Nonsense Guide to Subtitling

Subtitling guide captions

The reasons for getting into the video content game as we edge ever closer to the 2020s are becoming increasingly self-evident. Video content lends itself very well to an era where the majority of people access the internet primarily through a mobile device and / or a social platform. But for video content to be…

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Live Notetaking Explained for Business

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Not many businesses consider live notetaking as a viable option for their meeting or discussion needs, but keeping a thorough record is business-critical.     Despite being often overlooked, live notetaking is an option that saves time, resources and effort! This service can provide you with instant detailed and near-verbatim transcripts that could serve your business…

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How to Write Meeting Minutes: 5 Step Guide

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Meeting minutes matter. How else could you capture vital details for future use, or guarantee reliable records for employees who can’t attend? Even in a modern business setting, you simply can’t beat a trusty written record for accuracy and effective transcripts down the line.

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Transcript Formats 101: Audio Transcripts Simplified

Transcription formats audio transcription

Audio transcripts come in many formats, and making the right choice can save you a significant amount of time, so how can you figure out which kind is best for you? Well, it’s all about considering what the transcript is for and knowing that there is actually a number of options.

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