Consider Choosing A Transcription Company

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Transcribing requires a fair amount of expertise and skill; not every transcription company has the ability to transcribe audio files the way you anticipated. This is exactly why you need to consider three important things when choosing a transcription service. These will help you make the right and informed decision, thereby helping you choose the best transcription company for your needs.


A transcription company is only as good as its word. If the company says that it will deliver the transcribed document within 24 hours and then somehow fails to do so, then it can leave you well and truly in hot water. In fact, you could end up losing your business. Furthermore, the transcribed text should be accurate and must not result in the client firm cross-checking the work. Take Note is one of the preferred transcription companies in the UK, which can help you save a considerable amount of time and money. We are renowned for our reliability when it comes to delivery deadlines and accuracy of our transcription. Our customer testimonies are proof of our outstanding and exceptional services.

Affordable Pricing

When it comes to transcription, you should be looking for a company that offers affordable transcription services, which do not compromise on the quality front. We here at Take Note are extremely transparent about our pricing and its affordability. Our rates are based on the type of transcription required, the number of speakers, and the delivery deadline. Please note, all our prices exclude VAT.

Client Base

A good transcription company will have a huge client base, which is a testimony of the company’s accuracy and reliability. This is the reason why Take Note are one of the leading transcription companies in the UK. We have a huge client base, comprising of everything from law firms to hospitals, doctors to market research firms, and many more.

If you are looking for a transcription company that offers accurate transcription, quick turnaround time and affordable prices, look no further beyond Take Note. We have in-house professional transcribers, who have the skill and ability to transcribe audio and other formats, seamlessly.

We have the ability to handle large volume of work and you can rest assured knowing that your transcription work would be done effortlessly and efficiently at Take Note. Get in touch with us today for all your transcription needs; and once you have used our services, we guarantee that you will not use transcription services of any other company.

Take Note

Take Note is a UK-based transcription service with world-class customer support alongside the highest standards of security and ethics. We deliver a comprehensive range of transcription services including Audio and Video Transcription, Video Captions and On-Site Note Taking.