Cost Effective Audio Transcription Services

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Speech is our most powerful form of communication, it’s something many people rely on and when speaking on average 150-180 words per minute, it can be difficult to keep up with. However, by taking advantage of the audio transcription service available here at Take Note, you can rest assured that no matter what, you’ll always have a hard record to hold onto. We have a team of highly skilled typists who pride themselves on not only the speed in which they can transcribe, but also the accuracy. Although we specialise in market research and the legal sector, we have worked with clients from the medical, media and university professions, so regardless of your individual needs, why not get in touch today?

We strive to ensure our service is both fully comprehensive and extremely cost effective, as we want you to get the very best from your audio transcription, and by following the guidelines below, you can help us to reduce the need for phonetic guesses; improving the accuracy of the overall transcription.


Before any audio is even recorded, you need to think about the basics of the company and the event that is being transcribed. It always helps our typists if you send glossaries, supporting documents and brand names in advance, as this way we can get a feel for the industry and business, only further improving your transcription.


You wouldn’t sit and listen to a song if it was badly recorded and there was a constant drum of traffic in it would you? This is the same for our team, so ensure that any background noise is kept to a minimum by keeping all windows closed and that all speech is clearly spoken by just one person at a time.


Prior to starting your recording, make sure you carry out a thorough sound test to determine the quality of your audio. Always ensure that the microphone or Dictaphone is close enough to respondents, and to help hugely with quality, the bit rate must be set to the highest possible level.


By simply following these guidelines and getting in touch with the team here at Take Note, you can be confident of receiving a truly cost effective audio transcription service.

Take Note

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