The Rising Demand for Legal and Medical Transcription

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The transcription service that many legal firms, doctors and hospitals rely on is an extremely important service. Legal transcription is vital to lawyers and legal firms to support their clients, case hearings, interviews with witnesses, and much more. Doctors and healthcare practitioners, on the other hand, rely on transcription services for noting down all details of the patients, their health problems and the treatment prescribed. With the NHS being put under more pressure on a daily basis, there is a huge demand for transcription services in these sectors across the UK.

Why Opt for Transcription Services

We here at Take Note know the importance of perfect transcription. Whether you are a doctor or a legal professional, you may think it is cost effective and a good use of time to use your staff for transcribing, while it couldn’t be further from the trust. Transcription requires certain skill and expertise that your staff will not necessarily possess.

So, each time something is transcribed, you would have to spend valuable time cross-checking to ensure accuracy – something that is vital in the legal and medical industries. If you use a professional transcription service like Take Note, you can be rest assured that every word and statement will be transcribed accurately. And, you and your staff can concentrate on tasks that are more important and critical.

Why Take Note

At Take Note, we do not believe transcription and typing are one and the same; we call it intelligent typing. We offer our customers two types of transcription services. One, that is word-to-word verbatim transcription services where all the pauses and fillers, are transcribed to ensure 100% accuracy and context. The second type is where the pauses, repetitions and fillers are removed; and the sentences get transcribed in a grammatically correct manner even if the speaker or people on the audio file do not speak out the sentence correctly.

We can format the transcribed text based on your requirements. We know how urgent legal and medical transcriptions are, and that is why we offer same-day delivery, overnight delivery and 24-hour delivery. We are transparent about our pricing structure and do not believe in charging our customers any hidden charges or costs.

Our in-house transcribers use the latest technologies for transcription and are specialists in transcribing legal and medical terms and jargon. Contact us today and use our professional and high-quality legal transcription services.

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