Four situations when Detailed Notes are better than verbatim transcripts

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4 Situations When Detailed Notes are Better than Verbatim Transcripts

Here at Take Note, we often spend our days happily beavering away transcribing every um, ah and err that’s said, along with off-topic discussions about the weather, and even your terrible jokes. (What am I saying, your jokes are brilliant, you’re the next Michael McIntyre!)  

However, as much as I’m sure you love discovering just how many times you use the word ‘like’ in a single minute, sometimes all you really need is the important parts of that in-depth interview, focus group or 3-hour meeting, and for that, we have Detailed Notes.

Our Detailed Notes transcription service provides you with a transcript that has all the chit chat, waffle and filler words removed, leaving behind Full participant responses, your questions summarised and small talk and filler words removed. With this format, there’s no need for you to spend hours trawling through transcripts trying to find the important points; instead, it’s already there for you. To help you even further, we’ll even go so far as highlighting the key responses when you opt for our Detailed Notes & Quotes option.

Of course, these options aren’t for everyone, sometimes you will need every utterance meticulously recorded and we can do that too.

So when should you be choosing summarised transcripts over verbatim or an intelligent verbatim?

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1. When you’re tight on time (or budget)

When you don’t have hours to waste, these key summaries are your friend.  You don’t need to spend precious time sifting through the reams of verbatim for the important points. Detailed Notes fast-tracks the analysis stage, allowing you to get to the moments that matter quickly and efficiently.

The extra bonus is that Detailed Notes save you time and money.

2. When you just need to jolt your memory of a session

Chances are when you’re working on a project, you’ll have attended the sessions, such as a focus group or interviews. You may have already made your own notes or can recall from memory the bulk of the session.  As a result, there’s no need for an uncut transcript with every side note and pleasantry included. Instead, summaries work best as a great reference, capturing all of the vital content to help fill in the gaps you may have missed or forgotten and providing you with that prompt when you need it.

3. When you need to share the transcript with a wider audience

As well as using a transcript for your own analysis, we know that often you need to share it with a wider audience, including your colleagues and your clients.  

In these cases, not only do you want to provide them with an easy-to-read transcript, but sending out an unedited and unabridged version would hardly be appropriate either; after all, your clients don’t need to hear about how bad the traffic was on the day of the recording.  

When your transcript is going to be read by a number of other people, a summarised output helps to keep your impeccable reputation intact and allows for an easier read, without losing any vital details.

4. When you just need the cold, hard facts

Humans really are amazing; somehow we can start off a conversation talking about one thing and, half an hour later, be talking about something entirely different.  

As wonderful as that is, side-tracks can be irrelevant to the task at hand. Based on your brief and requirements, our transcribers are masters at identifying all of the pertinent parts of the conversation, so you don’t need to pay to transcribe details about the weather unless you really want to. 

A Detailed Notes transcript will leave you with the parts of the conversation actually relevant to your discussion topic, saving yourself time, money, and an analysis headache no one needs.

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If our summarised transcription options sound like just the kind of transcript you need, why not head to the Detailed Notes section of our website for more information?

And we get it, you might be a bit nervous about someone else deciding what’s important, so speak to us about trialling Detailed Notes & Quotes, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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