How the Skills You Learn as a Transcriber Benefit You in the Real World

Transcription skills (1)

Being a transcriber requires accuracy, speed, and efficiency. We talk about that a lot, but
we don’t talk so much about what being a transcriber gives you in return, even though it’s
actually the gift that keeps on giving.

No, I’m not just talking about gaining the power to spot every spelling mistake within a four-mile radius. There are also a whole host of other really useful (but less infuriating) transferable skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Grow in confidence

Being confident in yourself and being confident in your skills is unquestionably one of the
most important requisites to living a successful and fulfilled life, both personally and
professionally, and yet it is perhaps one of the hardest to master. We all suffer with drops
in confidence from time to time, but having faith in your skills is invaluable. This particular
benefit is also probably testament to how wonderfully supportive Take Note are as a company, but I find that with every transcription I do I become more and more confident in my ability to do a good job. Considering the number of transcribers for whom this is their first job, or their first job back after some time out, knowing that working in this industry will do wonders for your confidence is incredibly important.

Gain an eagle eye for errors

I mentioned this at the start, but since I started work as a transcriber I have found I am
constantly spotting spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere. Unsurprisingly, I suppose, it turns out that spending your days being paid to produce accurately-written transcripts turns the world into a never-ending game of Where’s Wally, where Wally is instead replaced by incorrect uses of the apostrophe! It is, however, a wonderful skill to have, and one that will forever ensure you never have a spelling mistake on your CV again.

Transcription is the T in “teamwork”

It might seem strange that a job requiring you to work from home on your own every day can turn you into a team player, but being a transcriber very much means working as part of a team. These days, the transcription industry relies heavily on the Internet and the ease with which a piece of work can be transferred from A to B in a few seconds flat, but without constant communication between A and B nothing would get done. So, even though the
majority of transcribers are self-employed, learning how to work well within the transcription service you’re working for is integral to your success, and an attribute that will
get you everywhere in life.

Become an encyclopaedia for eclectic knowledge

Okay, so this isn’t the most useful benefit of the job by any means, but it’s my personal
favourite. Working in the transcription world means you never quite know what to expect
from the day ahead, and as someone who is both a people person and also, quite frankly, a
bit of a nerd, one of the best things about working in this industry is the bizarre miscellanea
of information I have picked up as a result. My depth of general knowledge has flourished,
and I now get on average two questions correct every week whilst watching University
Challenge. I think we can all agree that is the ultimate achievement in life!


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