How to Kick Start Your Transcription Career

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So you’ve decided a career in transcription is the path you wish to take. But like with any job in this world it’s something you have to work hard to achieve but if you have the skills and the determination to succeed then your transcription career could be closer than you think. Here are some top tips on how to kick start your new career in the world of transcription:

What’s Your Specialists Area?

‘Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?’ It’s one of those questions prospective employers love to ask but nevertheless it’s an important thing to consider. When you’re planning your future career you need to decide where you would like it to take you – is there a specific area you would like to get involved in or a particular level of expertise you would like to reach? Once you’ve decided this you can begin to plan your next steps…


If you’re just starting out then the chances are you will have very little experience when it comes to transcription services therefore you need to consider your options in terms of training and qualifications. There are a variety of courses available online as well as through local colleges.

Curriculum Vitae:

Once you have the qualifications behind you and preferably some work experience, you can then begin to build up your CV, ready to pass on to any potential employers. Ensure that you include all the experience and qualifications you have even if it’s not related to the industry – any background information will give an employer a better picture of you and may well help in their final decision.

Here at Take Note are often looking for fresh talent to join our specialist team of admin staff, proof-readers and notetakers so if you think you have what it takes for a career in transcription why not kick start your career right here. Hop over to our jobs page to find out all about our application process.

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