How to Suggest to Your Boss to Outsource Your Transcription

Outsource transcription

If your job is anything like mine, some days that to-do pile just seems to get bigger and bigger, and no matter how hard you work it feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle just to get it all done in time.  I don’t know about you, but on those days I really wish I had a little extra help, someone to take away just a few of those tasks that I really don’t have time for. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


Yes, it really would be!


Transcription is one of those jobs that seems simple, but takes an annoyingly long amount of time to do.  Perhaps the audio’s not great, perhaps someone was speaking really quietly, perhaps people actually eat surprisingly loudly and the idea to have a working lunch wasn’t the best of plans.  Whatever the reason, dedicating hours of your day to typing up meetings you’ve sat through once already is not anyone’s idea of good time management. Luckily for you, that’s when we step in.


At Take Note, we can save you and your company time and money that would be far better spent on you doing the work you’re meant to be doing.  But I know what you’re thinking: ‘How do I convince my boss something that needs paying for is going to save them money?’ Well, I’m glad you asked!


Time is money

Most people can type at speeds of around 40 words per minute, and that’s really not bad at all. Actually, that’s pretty good, and most people would be happy with that, but not our transcribers, oh no.  At Take Note, our transcribers can type at speeds of over 150wpm! To put that into some context, that’s nearly four times quicker than your average office worker, meaning a file which takes us an hour to transcribe would take any normal human four hours.  Nobody has four hours to waste on transcription! Well, except us. When your boss chooses to outsource work to us, not only are you left to do the job they’re actually paying you to do, but they also do so in the knowledge that we will have that work finished and perfected in a quarter of the time it would have taken in-house.


Night-time is money

Not only do we work quickly, but we work around the clock.  Perhaps your boss wants that meeting transcribed by tomorrow morning, but, let’s be honest, you don’t want to work through the night, and they don’t want to pay you overtime to do that.  So what can you do? Hello, it’s us again! At Take Note, we don’t let little things like sleep stop us. In fact, we will work through the night so that when you check your inbox first thing in the morning, there will be a lovingly-refined transcript sitting there waiting for you.  Why tire yourself out pulling an all-nighter when you can get your beauty sleep and let us do the hard work instead?


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We are partial to impartiality

Everyone is biased, and we’re all being influenced from the moment we’re born, but you can’t be biased about what you don’t know.  At Take Note, anonymity and privacy are paramount to how we work, and allow us to provide you with fair and accurate transcripts devoid of bias and influence.  In contrast, transcripts produced in-house by employees with knowledge and understanding of the matters being discussed can be influenced by bias, even subconsciously.  By outsourcing your transcription needs to us, we can ensure the separation between our transcribers and the topics discussed allows for an impartial, but accurate, final transcript.


Get more bang for your buck

Of course, when we take on a transcription, we’re not just talking about transcribing.  I mean, does Mary Berry just bake?  Does Beyoncé just sing?  Who are we kidding here?  This isn’t just a transcription, this is a Take Note transcription.  When we get to work on your file, we’re not just going to leave in every ‘umm’ and ‘ah’, every ‘like’, every interruption and restart, not unless they float your boat, and even then, even after our team of transcribers have finished with your file, it’ll still be sent through to our team of proofreaders to triple check nothing’s been missed.  In fact, by the time we’ve finished with it, your transcript will be the quintessential example of the Queen’s English, written in fully-formed, easy-to-read sentences that even Her Majesty would be proud of! Now, be honest, is that the kind of thorough going-over a transcript is going to get in-house? No, I didn’t think so.


Written by Transcriber Lydia

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