How to Take Advantage of the Summer Slowdown at Work

Summer productivity

With global markets these days so irrevocably intertwined, summer has become the season of the slowdown, when markets slump across the board due in no small part to the holiday exodus.


Whether it’s your customers or your own employees who are escaping to the sun, here are five productive ways you can take advantage of the summer quiet time.


Downtime means upgrade

Are the office computers starting to grind to a halt?  Does the company kitchen need a new coffee maker? With half of your colleagues off on their holidays, now is a great time to give the business a bit of a spring summer clean, and give the old tech a new upgrade.  Think how happy everyone will be when they come back to a newly fitted-out office!


Keep your head out of the clouds by storing your data in it.

Talking of upgrading, if you’re still stuck in the era of filing cabinets and storerooms, this summer could finally be the time you step into the 21st Century with cloud management.  What might seem like a daunting task can actually result in significant savings in office space, money, and time that would have otherwise been spent searching for the right file in a room full of boxes!  Not only that, but by hosting company data on a cloud-based server you are placing security specialists in charge of keeping your data secure, making this option far more reliable than your current on-premise storage.


What else could you be saving during the summer sales?

If your normal workload’s looking a bit light, now could be the time to take on those tasks you’ve been putting off, like doing an audit of your expenses.  Perhaps it’s time to cancel that magazine subscription no one in the office reads anymore or review your list of suppliers to see whether they’re still providing you with the level of service you expect.  Now is the perfect time to reflect on twelve months of, ‘I must look into that!’


Teamwork makes the dream work

There’s no point upgrading the office if you don’t have staff who want to work there, so why not spend some of the downtime during the next few months focusing on your team?  In fact, summer is a great time to do staff reviews, to see where your team’s heads are at and what they feel is missing. The best managers are not only good at maintaining a good work flow, but they also ensure staff are in the right place to be producing their best work.  Perhaps a summer barbecue’s in order?


Only twelve months till next summer

What do you have planned for the year ahead?  Are you all prepared? How’s the business plan looking?  Is everything heading in the right direction? It may not be new year, but whilst your desk is looking rather empty, now could be a great time to look over the projects and tasks you have coming up in the next twelve months.  Perhaps you’ve lost focus in an area you’re keen on developing, or maybe there’s a department that needs a fresh perspective from a new hire. Whatever it is, take this quiet time to review the path ahead, because let’s face it, things are far easier to deal with when the sun is shining!


Written by Transcriber Lydia

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