How Transcription Helps Boost Academic Results

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The warm weather seems to finally be upon us, which means in no time at all it will be the summer holidays for those of you still studying.  But before you go planning your beach reading list, you might want to think about spending those lazy, hazy, crazy days a little bit differently this year.

You see, I’m going to let you into a secret: one day, not too many years from now, the term ‘summer holidays’ is going to come to mean a long weekend in Brighton where you get pooped on by a pigeon and it rains all the time, before you have to be back in work on Monday, hangover or no hangover.  So, whilst you’ve still got one of those lovely long real ‘summer holidays’, why not use it for something productive?

Now, I know achieving a 10-run winning streak on Fortnite, Apex Legends, or whatever the trendy battle royale game is right now might seem productive, but will it help improve your academic results?  Will it help you type at speeds three times faster than most humans? Will it earn you money? If your answer was ‘no’ to all three, then let me tell you about transcription.

Learn how to work to a deadline (and actually keep it)

If you’re well-versed in excuses like ‘my dog ate it’, wouldn’t it be great to see the look on your tutor’s face next term when you actually manage to hand a piece of coursework in on time? Working a transcription job means working to very tight deadlines, some within hours, some within minutes, and whilst at the beginning that can seem awfully terrifying, little by little you’ll find that you’re actually pretty good at keeping to them once you get going.  After a summer working in transcription, those three-month coursework deadlines will seem like a stroll in the park!

Learn to type 150 words in the amount of time it takes 255 babies to be born

Lectures can be long and dull and tedious, but, unfortunately, if you want to earn a degree you have to go to them, and, more importantly, you have to take notes.  Notetaking is an art in itself, but do you know what also helps?  Being able to type really fast.  Working in transcription, you will learn to do this without even realising.  In fact, when you get back into that lecture hall, you’ll be typing so fast you’ll wonder why your lecturer is speaking so slowly.

Learn how to spell like you’re doing a S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G B-E-E

We may live in a world of autocorrect, but even computers still make miss takes.  Thankfully, working with words everyday means even those words you have always got wrong, like ‘accommodate’ and ‘separate’, will never trip you up again.  Suddenly, you’re a walking dictionary and will be able to spot mistakes like it’s a superpower (it’s not, it’s a curse, like this season’s of Game of Thrones).

Learn to understand grammar like your name’s Kelsey

You’ve made it to university, you’re super clever, you’re getting a degree, but you still can’t remember when to use an apostrophe.  Thankfully, that handy transcription job is here to save the day yet again!  Learning to proofread your work day in and day out, ensuring that no inaccuracies are ever passed back to the client, gifts you with the ultimate knowledge over those little dots and dashes on the page.  Never again will that tutor you’re convinced hates you be be able to pick up on your overuse of semi-colons.

Learn to train your ears to listen like you’re Sandra Bullock on a raft in Birdbox

It’s amazing how much we can miss in conversation without even realising it.  Whether that’s because of the speed people are talking at, the volume of background noise, or an accent you’re not used to, you won’t realise just how much you miss in conversation until you put on a pair of headphones and transcribe someone’s dialogue.  It might seem at first like they’re speaking another language, but slowly you’ll find yourself tuning in to their intonations, their dialect, and their patterns of speech, until suddenly it’s like you can see the Matrix!  After a summer spent transcribing, never again will you struggle to hear a lecture, even when the hall is filled with hundreds of other students and the tutor is a tiny dot in the distance.

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Written by Transcriber Lydia

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