Why you need humans to type your transcription work

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Technological advances may pin you as having a robot as a girl /boy /best friend in the near future but human skills are still vitally important when it comes to quality transcription work.

Five reasons why having a human do your transcription work is important:

1. Your audio is listened to by people who speak your language.

We are familiar with your slang, your turn of phrase and won’t ever think that “good vs evil” is “gone and upheaval”. When you’re looking to a transcript for analysis and interpretation for market research, incoherent transcription just won’t do. We practice intelligent verbatim. We use the wealth of experience and the knowledge of our transcribers to make educated judgements when it comes to transcription. It elevates us from being just a transcription service, to a notably different transcription service.

2. For translated audio, our translators tune-in to far more than just the words.

They can pick up on mood and tone in the recording and make sure that atmosphere is portrayed in the choice of words in your transcripts.

3. We know an accent when we hear one.

We cut through the variety of unique accents to deliver accurate audio transcription. We are able to capture the right words, despite any complications in delivery. It’s the small things that count. One recent client was impressed that our transcriber was perceptive enough to know the interviewee’s name would be spelt Jacque and not Jack.

4. Humans can decipher multiple voices in an audio.

Perhaps you have a lively group on your podcast episode this week? Be warned if you think an auto transcribe service might be able to handle it. Robots would need to be heavily programmed first with voice recognition for all speakers. Even then, there may be some confusion that would require you to listen to the audio to decipher who said what, ergo defeating the purpose of employing a transcription service in the first place. Hire a reliable human and your time sweating the small stuff is saved.

5. When you have a problem, you can pick up the phone and speak to usHuman to human.

We’re a global service, we operate most available hours of the day. We are online and on call in normal UK working hours and one of us is always monitoring after hours for any last minute or overnight requirements.
Warning: As much as you’ll want to save money on a transcription service, it’s important to choose the right one. If you are looking around for a transcription service, always be dubious of cheap and fast turnaround times available together. Especially if the type of audio you want transcribed is particular in vocabulary. You are most likely paying for a non-human service and your returned transcript might be peppered with errors that you’ll have to correct after you’ve paid for the service.

Take Note offers transcription services worldwide via our secure online portal; from video subtitles to verbatim legal documents, interviews, disciplinaries, translations and anything in between.
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