Market Research Firms Need Transcription Partners, Not Just Transcription Services

Market research firms need transcription partners not just transcription services

It’s undeniable that market research firms need transcription services. But should you look for a new service every time, hopping from ‘the best deal’ to ‘the best deal’? Or, can you get more benefits by settling down with a service on which you can rely?

Getting quick and accurate transcripts is vital for market researchers. This saves time as your market research teams can focus on reviewing the transcripts, rather than listening to all the recordings and transcribing them themselves.

So, why partner with a transcription service? It’s simple — many benefits come with being a loyal customer. By building a relationship, you’re showing that service that you not only trust them but also value them. You’ll get access to bespoke pricing and even bespoke service options.

Let us explain things in more detail!

Finding a good service and sticking with it

The best transcription services can provide outcomes that you can count on time and time again. When it comes to market research transcripts, you need to ensure there’s a high degree of accuracy and reliability involved. After all, you’re transcribing essential information that analysts need to use and work with.

By opting for a transcription partnership, it gives you the ability to know that you’re getting a good deal without wasting more time looking for a new transcription service every single time you need it. In essence, you only need to research different services once, in order to figure out who can provide your business with the best service for your needs.

After all, if you require continuous transcriptions for market research, then doesn’t it make sense to strike a partnership instead of approaching the same company over and over again? Doing this will offer many benefits, as detailed in the following sections.

Trusting the instincts of the transcriptionists

Once a transcriptionist gets to know you and what you’re looking for in a transcript, they’re more likely to understand your needs and instinctively create the transcripts you want.

With transcription partners for market research, they may give you the option to use the same specific transcriptionists all the time. This means you have to trust them to deliver the service you want, which shows you value them as a service. By entering this close relationship, it means you can give them more details on the exact type of transcripts you want.   

As an example, you can tell them about different types of information that are crucial to you for specific jobs. Therefore, you end up with market research transcripts that have varying levels of detail and are edited in different ways to present you with all the vital information as accurately as possible.

One of the most useful options for market researchers is detailed notes transcripts. These cut unnecessary speech stutters like ‘ums’, false starts and pointless interruptions — as is common in many verbatim transcripts. But, the editing is taken further, summarising interview questions, cutting off-topic chit chat and editing long-winded answers. When done right, this delivers a much shorter and to-the-point transcript. Detailed notes transcripts are optimal when trying to review a lot of material, but requires a skilled transcriptionist that you can trust to focus on the right things.     

On the other hand, if you need transcripts that include every single piece of information, then you have the full-verbatim option. Here, your transcriptionist will cover every detail imaginable. Although it often delivers too much detail in a format that is hard to read, this option makes sure that nothing was missed.

Accessing bespoke pricing

Jumping between ‘hot deals’, grabbing introductory pricing models and free trials can seem like a way to cut costs. However, the amount of time this takes is often ignored. Becoming a partner can save this time whilst still cutting costs, as you can gain access to bespoke pricing models and bulk discounts.  

This could mean you get discounts for specific services of bulk orders – or simply on cumulative bulk orders. Typically, human transcription services are valued at £1 per minute for a 24-hour turnaround. But you’ve also got things like timestamps, speaker identification and custom formatting that can add to the overall costs.

By using the same service all the time, and making them your transcription partners for market research, there’s every chance they could give you discounts on things like timestamps or other additions. Naturally, this means a partnership can save you a lot of money.

What’s more, you could get preferential treatment for turnaround times without extra fees, or at least at a reduced cost. Typically, the faster you need your transcripts, the more they cost. But, with a partnership, you could be able to trim down this cost even more.

Loyalty delivers flexibility

With transcription partnerships, you have a greater deal of flexibility. You might want a particular service or add-on extra that’s not advertised to everyone. You might be able to get a detailed notes transcript with occasional full-verbatim annotations, extra quality control proofreading services, custom formatting or naming conventions.  

When engaged in a long-term partnership, you will develop that level of trust and respect between the two companies. It shows you’re loyal – they can reward you for this by making an exception and offering you these extra services.

Fundamentally, it’s highly beneficial to seek out transcription partnerships for market research. What you need to do is trial different services and look for ones with all the options you need at starting price points that work. Give them a call to see how they treat repeat customers. Find out if you’ll get extra perks as a partner. What you might end up getting is a relationship more in line with having an in-house transcription team, but without the hassle of directly managing those employees. When you find the service you trust, striking a partnership will give you a long-term solution to your transcription needs and improved service outcomes — exactly what market research firms need.

You have been reading about how market research firms can benefit from striking up partnerships with transcription services. If you have more questions about the different types of transcripts on offer, how to get a good deal or how to make sure your data is protected, we have written an Ultimate Guide to Transcriptions Services just for you.

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