4 Ways a Notetaker Takes Better Notes Than You Do

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Wish you could remember what was said in the meeting? We’ll transcribe it so you can focus. Our notetakers are professional, discreet & SUPER FAST.

1. No distractions

They are not required to do anything else. If you take notes in your own meetings you are constantly planning in your head what you need to say next, or pondering over what someone else has said. Our notetakers type in real time and dedicated to only listening and retyping every relevant contribution. Take your own notes and your meeting will suffer from your divided attention.

2. No scribble

Our notetakers type at over 100wpm, which allows them to capture verbatim quotes where necessary and type contemporaneously with the conversation, no matter how many people are speaking. Typing on a laptop, notetakers type in full sentences with no unexplained mystery scribbles.

3. No delays

Perfectly typed notes are available in your inbox the following morning and a rough draft is available from the notetaker at the end of the meeting.

4. No regrets

“I wish I could remember what she said at the end. I remember it was important though’. Our notetakers capture it all so you can always cross back over anything you might not have caught the first time.
Our notetakers are knowledgeable, professional, discreet and SUPER FAST at typing. On arriving at your destination (20 minutes early), readied with their own equipment, they’ll type a detailed transcript of what is being discussed as it happens. First draft will be available immediately, with an edited and checked version with you first thing the following morning.

Take Note offers transcription services worldwide via our secure online portal; from video subtitles to verbatim legal documents, interviews, disciplinaries, translations and anything in between. 

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