The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Notetaking

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When it comes to notetaking within your business, whether it’s for a vital company meeting or a disciplinary or hearing of a delicate matter you need to ensure you have a qualified person in the room who can take notes on exactly what is said and done.

That person needs to be fast, professional and discreet. Finding someone within your business to take on this job is not always possible – this is where outsourcing could be the ideal answer. Here are a few benefits to outsourcing your notetaking needs:

The Professional Approach:

Using fully qualified, experienced professionals like our notetakers here at Take Note, will ensure that every aspect of the meeting or event is logged efficiently and effectively. As our notetakers are outsiders to your business it will also mean we are completely neutral no matter what the meeting is about. This is particularly useful when it comes to disciplinaries or hearings – using a current employee may lead to bias or predetermined expectations of the meeting.

Cost Effective:

Depending on the size of your business it may well work out cheaper to call on a professional company like Take Note as and when you need them rather than employing a full time staff member to carry out these duties.

Experienced Notetaking Service:

Someone who carries out notetaking services as their full time career will undoubtedly produce more accurate and professional notes than someone who does it every now and again. So calling on the team here at Take Note may be more beneficial than relying on your staff. Our typists have an incredible notetaking speed and can provide you with a first draft immediately, before sending you an edited, proofread version just a few hours later.


If you want to take advantage of outsourcing our excellent services then be sure to browse our site to see the full range of services we have to offer from notetaking to transcription services, and for more information be sure to get in touch with us on 0207 928 1048.

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