Productivity Hacks for Market Researchers: Audio Notes, Transcription Services and More

Productivity hacks market researchers

As a market researcher, do you feel like you could be more productive but there’s just not enough time in the day? 

There are ways to make more time and increase efficiency without compromising quality!

Anyone working in the research industry knows how important accuracy is. Whether you’re delivering product feedback to developers, customer insights to retailers or sensitive information to medical service providers, you need to deliver accurate and quantifiable data, every time. 

Of course, increasing productivity and reducing costs are high priorities too, but how can you achieve these objectives without compromising on the quality of your services? With these ultimate productivity hacks you can achieve with transcription services, you can deliver accurate market research to your clients, whilst minimising your outgoings and boosting your output. 

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Increased efficiency means increased profits, so it’s well worth assessing your current productivity levels. Anything which can help to improve efficiency or enhance the speed of business processes can also cut costs, so you’ll be saving money whilst you increase your turnover. 

Professional transcriptions and audio notes are an effective way for market researchers to save time and money. Whilst you can use any number of recording devices and mediums to collect data, it needs to be transferred into a more user-friendly format in order to be used by researchers and the client. 

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Trying to transcribe market research feedback yourself can be time-consuming and costly. Without dedicated transcription tools and experience, it may take you longer than the average transcriptionist to transfer audio recordings to the written word, and you may lose a certain level of accuracy too.

By using reputable transcribers to carry out this element of your work, you can obtain over 99% accuracy on every project, so you can be sure your clients are getting the information they need. Furthermore, you can get the data you need quickly. With short turnaround times and reliable delivery times, you’ll always have the data you need, when you need it. 

Save Costs

Businesses need to reduce costs wherever possible, and streamlining your data production processes could help you to minimise your outgoings significantly. When you use reputable, quality transcription services, you can dedicate your time to more specialised tasks. 

Furthermore, outsourcing your transcription needs is a fantastic way to increase productivity for market researchers, while cutting your costs. When you outsource your transcription requirements, you don’t require in-house transcribers to carry out the work for you. This also enables you to operate with a more streamlined staff structure, meaning professional transcribers ensure you can keep your business outgoings to a minimum.

Improved Risk Management

The importance of accurate data cannot be overstated when it comes to market research. It’s what your clients are relying on and what your reputation is based on, so it’s vital that your data, insights, feedback and statistics are accurate and verifiable. 

Whilst audio recordings can verify your data, it doesn’t provide clients with the information quickly or efficiently. In fact, it can take a considerable amount of time to track down specific comments on an audio recording, and this doesn’t impress new or existing clients. 

With a typed transcript, however, data can be examined and verified far more easily. Searching for specific terms, participants and comments becomes straightforward and is achievable in seconds, so you don’t need to waste time searching for content. 

Furthermore, a transcript is a great way to begin collating your data. If clients want their data delivered in specific formats, transferred into charts and graphs, or relayed via actionable insights, a written transcript will contain all the data you need to create these documents. You can ensure no mistakes are made when sending data to clients, saving you time and allowing you to be more productive.

Audio transcriptions are ideal risk management tools for market researchers, as it provides a backup of your activities and results, a realistic portrayal of the research conducted and a timeless record of the data collection.

Audio Transcription and Caption for your Video Marketing

We tend to associate transcription solely with audio files, such as MP3, WAV or M4A, but videos and video marketing can benefit hugely from transcription services. 

Firstly, any data which has been collected in video format will need to be transcribed in a similar way to an audio file. This transcription can provide you with the same level of accuracy and high-quality data that you need to deliver to your client. 

You should also consider adding closed-captions to video content. Adherence to disability discrimination laws often requires videos to feature captions, so you’ll need to offer this service if you want to deliver video content to your clients and colleagues. 

Immensely helpful to social media editors and audio editors, an accurate transcription will reduce the time it takes to deliver effective video marketing content, and it will reduce costs accordingly.

Whether you want to add captions to an existing video, transcribe a video recorded market research session or obtain a transcript from past events, professional transcribers are adept at capturing everything on the video or audio file and transferring it into ready-to-use SRT files.

Make Audio Notes

When you have a file transcribed, you don’t have to opt for a full-verbatim transcription, which includes all sounds in a recording, such as repetition, false starts and filler words, making a transcript more difficult to read. Although these can be useful in some scenarios, some clients may prefer detailed notes to a verbatim transcript. 

Audio or detailed notes are a great way of getting the salient information you need, and missing out anything irrelevant or off-topic content. By summarising questions, leaving out repetitions and removing false starts, audio notes give you all the content you need without any unnecessary interjections or interruptions.

Note Down Every Idea

Audio recorders provide an efficient way to note down ideas, project details and upcoming events, but you may need to have the information transcribed to get the most use out of it. Whether you make an audio file of conference calls so you can keep an accurate record of what’s been said, dictate your own plans and ideas to a recording service or routinely record your meetings and seminars, keeping an accurate transcript is a perfect way to save this information and transfer it into a more usable format.

Whilst automatic speech recognition (ASR) and audio-to-type transcriptions are ideal for some projects, they don’t always offer the accuracy that human transcription services do. When it comes to the market research industry, accuracy is vital to success and a reputable and reliable transcription service will provide just what you need. With UK-based, in-house transcribers, you can offer your clients increased accuracy and verifiable data, all whilst reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some productivity hacks that can help you deliver more accurate market research insights. Discover more about how transcription services can streamline your market research operations by reading our Ultimate Guide to Transcription Services

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