Proven ways to help you get back into “work mode”

Little white lies

The decorations are gone, the fireworks are over, and nobody wants to eat turkey leftovers ever again, so we return, instead, to the real world for another year. ‘What will 2019 bring us?’ I wonder.

Well, one thing’s for certain, we’re all headed back to work! So, if, like me, you are facing your first full week back at the daily grind, here are some tried and tested ways to get you through those post-holiday blues, back into the saddle, and ready to take on 2019 and all it may bring.


A tidy desk equals a tidy mind

There’s nothing worse than trying to get back into the groove when your workplace is still adorned with the trappings of yesteryear, so why not start off with a good spring midwinter-clean? Throw out all those post-its with phone numbers on that you’ve had lying around for six months – if you haven’t remembered whose number it is by now then you’re never going to!


Set achievable goals

Be honest, are you really going to run the London Marathon this year? The divot in your couch is suggesting that’s unlikely, so why not try and aim for your local 5K first? It’s still a massive achievement, but it’s attainable. Why set yourself up for failure just to compete with Barry from Marketing? Nobody likes him anyway.


Treat yo’self!

Having goals is great, but you’ve got to be kind to yourself too, otherwise what’s the point of it all? So, make sure you plan a few gifts for yourself along the way. Determined to get that promotion this year? Fantastic, but make sure you reward yourself when you get it! A weekend in Paris, anyone?


All’s fair in love and war, or is it?

A little friendly competition is one thing, but do you really think Sally from Sales actually enjoys having you as her nemesis? Come to think of it, do you enjoy having her as yours? Isn’t it getting a bit exhausting pretending you’re practically perfect in every way, when you’re really only wearing that jacket to hide the coffee you threw down your shirt this morning? Maybe it’s time to stop expending energy on petty rivalries, when you both could be getting a hell of a lot more done otherwise.


Just breathe.

You’re going to have bad days. 2019 is not going to be 365 days of pure heaven. It might be that your washing machine breaks down and floods your kitchen, or you get stood up on that date you were really looking forward to. Whatever it is, it will happen, and it will suck for a time, but then it’ll be over and done with, and you will move on to better things. When those moments come, take them in, rage and shout and do whatever you need to do to let it all out, and then stop. Breathe. Pick yourself up, and carry on.


Fill your life with the little joys

Find the song that makes you smile and makes strangers wonder what you’re smiling about. Spend an afternoon babysitting your three-year-old niece who forces you to build pillow forts with her. Go to the cinema by yourself, and treat yourself to some pick ‘n’ mix. Allow yourself those little moments, and give yourself the permission to enjoy them. You deserve it!



Written by Transcriber Lydia


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