Should I record my meeting or get a notetaker?

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In an era when hover boards, 3D printers, and driverless cars exist, it seems almost natural for us to try and automate everything we do, and yet there are still moments when the lowly homo sapiens cannot be outdone. At Take Note, we  know that this is the case, and that humans, whilst we may spend far too much of our time trying to do useless but seemingly impossible things like touching our noses with our tongues or licking our elbows, still come out on top.
Today we’re celebrating that skill by answering an age-old question that pits man against machine. A question up there with ‘What is the meaning of life?’ and ‘Who let the dogs out?’

That great conundrum: ‘Should I record this meeting or get a notetaker?’

Really, we’re being unfair to the recording device here, because how can it possibly compete with our superhuman notetakers? Yes, your Dictaphone or smartphone (or Walkman if you’re still living in the ‘90s) can record your meeting, but can it type that recording up at a whopping 130 words per minute? Can it provide you with a draft transcript immediately upon the conclusion of your meeting, or a fully proofread copy within twelve hours? I didn’t think so!
That transcript is really just the tip of the iceberg for a Take Note notetaker.

More than just a notetaker

Requesting a notetaker to attend your meeting ensures all reports are accurate and unbiased, with speakers correctly identified. Just by being there, a notetaker will also be able to provide context which a recorder simply cannot.
It’s easy to forget just how much we express ourselves through exclamations and non-verbal gesture. All those rich details and reactions which can’t be conveyed by audio are often key to understanding what is being said. Hiring a live notetaker ensures all those moments are captured. For difficult meetings where you might expect to experience pushback later on, with a transcript you’ll have all the important details ready for future reference.

There you have it. Once again man triumphs over the machine, as the mighty notetaker takes down the humble recording device, with all the power of a 130-words- per-minute typing speed!

So, until our future robot overlords take over, at Take Note we will continue to provide you with all the human help you may need, leaving those pathetic little microphones behind in the dust!

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