Take Note Offer the Full Package

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Here at Take Note we can provide support to any company. Whether it is a notetaker, copy typist, minute taker or admin support that you’re looking for we can help. All the staff here at Take Note are highly experienced and are always on hand to offer a wide range of services for your business.

At Take Note we offer note taking and legal transcription services to companies across the country as well as focus group transcription and of course our office extras. Whether you require an audio transcription, a note taker or even if your secretary is away and you need some extra support to lighten the work flow, we are the company for you.

Time is no obstacle whether it’s first thing Monday morning or last thing Friday; Take Note will be on hand to help. All of our staff are equipped with mobile telephones and laptops so they can either work from out offices or they can come straight out to you and work alongside you, . No task is too big or small.


We at take note are dedicated to providing you a professional service and an exceptional level of speed. So why not contact us and request one of Take Notes finest to restore calm in the office once again.

For more information please contact us today and find out what we can do for you.

Take Note

Take Note is a UK-based transcription service with world-class customer support alongside the highest standards of security and ethics. We deliver a comprehensive range of transcription services including Audio and Video Transcription, Video Captions and On-Site Note Taking.