To transcribe the audio yourself or get someone else to?

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That is the question.

Transcribe – moi?

Picture the scene: it’s Friday, you’ve spent the whole week working hard, and finally the weekend has come. Hurrah! Time to put down the briefcase, put up your feet, and relax. But wait, you can’t rest just yet, because you’ve got to transcribe the audio file from that hour-long meeting you had earlier today. That’s right, the meeting you had with seven other people who were repeatedly talking over and interrupting each other. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

Atuned Typists

Luckily, we know a few people who can help you out. Now, you might be saying to yourself, ‘I don’t need any help, I can transcribe this in no time at all.’ Well, let me level with you, my friend. Here at Take Note, we do so much more than just transcribe. In fact, if this were a Disney movie, this would be about the time the music would blare into life, because we’re not talking the bare necessities here.

If you’ve ever listened back to a recording of a conversation, you’ll be aware of just how much time we humans spend hesitating, repeating ourselves, and umming and erring over what to say. It really can be a bit of a fixer upper. At Take Note, we will clear that out, so all that’s left is an easy-to-read transcript that you’d only have imagined finding once upon a dream.

Accurate Transcription

Accuracy is undoubtedly the most important part of transcription, but sometimes it can be a struggle to understand what’s being said. In these cases, our transcribers are always one jump ahead, thanks to their extensive transcribing experience. It’s remarkable how, over time, you can train your ears to transcribe anything, even scientific or legal terminology.

There’ll be no mistaking your ‘persona non grata’ for ‘hakuna matata’ here. Moreover, when we say we are committed to 100% accuracy, we mean it. In order to ensure this is the case, your recording will not only be transcribed and then double and triple-checked by our typists, but it will also be sent on to our team of professional proofreaders. These wonderful people help guarantee that at least two sets of eyes have checked over your transcript and made sure it is fully accurate before it is returned to you.


Time Efficient Transcribing

They are the Genie to our Aladdin, all-powerful and intelligent beyond belief. (They’re not blue, though, just in case you were wondering). I said at the beginning that, at Take Note, we do so much more than just transcribe, and it’s true. You see, you might be able to transcribe your file by yourself, but how long will it take you? It takes our transcribers approximately three to four hours to transcribe an hour-long recording, and they can type at speeds of up to 130 words per minute. That’s nearly 90 words faster than the average human being! You know how I told you our proofreaders were like the Genie? Well, our transcribers are kind of like Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother: they’re magic, and when you wish upon the Take Note star, they ensure that your dream always comes true.


Written by Take Note Transcriber Lydia

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