4 reasons why transcription should be part of your digital marketing strategy

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We’ve learnt by now that organisations need to embrace video in order to stay in the game.

Video makes up over 70% of consumer internet traffic. With that sort of statistic, there’s no denying your content needs to be in video format. Marketers are aware of this too. 64% of interviewed marketers anticipate video will be the leading medium in their digital strategies in the future – if it isn’t already.
“Make the (video) content and they will come,” said an eager marketing exec, once. Since then, we’ve learnt that that isn’t true. Your content needs to be valuable and engaging for your audience to return. It also needs to be (ux) user friendly.

So what does transcription have to do with a digital marketing strategy?

If digital marketing content is the pristine white swan you see above the water, transcripts are the legs doing some of the grunt work below.
If your content is online and in video format, you are going to want a transcript. Here we give four top reasons why.

SEO Visibility

Unlike a blog post or long article format, video doesn’t have a physical imprint in the world of search engines. When uploading a video, you only have the title and the meta description to fill with keywords so that search engines can index your content. How can that compete with a 700 word blog or webpage?

A transcript attached to your video will provide enough keyword-filled content for your video to be sufficiently indexed. When customers search using keywords that you have used, your video or site will appear in the results.
You’ll want the dialogue in your video to use relevant keywords too. Bear this in mind when you are writing a script for your interview or marketing piece.

User Experience

Each engagement with your brand needs to cater for a variety of people and preferences. Offering a transcript alongside the video is one additional service you are giving your customer. You are making your site work well for their needs. In turn, they’ll stay longer, maybe familiarise themselves with other pages on your site, and get to know your brand better. You never know how your content will be found and by whom. The difference between having a transcript for easy referencing and not could be the difference between a returning customer or no customer at all.

Cater for your readership

Video is not perfect for every situation. If you have a transcript alongside the video, it ensures the message is being delivered in a format that is suitable for the customer. Text allows people to skim read and select information quickly, rather than rolling through a video from start to finish.


The landscape is changing when it comes to accessibility. More businesses and organisations are waking up to being inclusive of every person’s abilities. With so much content online, making your content accessible should be one of your focuses. You will not only send the right message about your company but you will be showing other companies that there is a standard to be met. Alternative access to content is most necessary for people with disabilities, but it can also be useful for everyone. Subtitles are used by many physically able people to bypass noise, improve their language learning or help with their reading skills.

So by adding a transcript to your digital marketing strategy, you have not only satisfied the spiders of search engine indexing and boosted your SEO ranking, you have also thought about your customers, their preferences and habits. They have a better experience with your brand, as they’ll able to find the information they’re looking for in the medium they prefer.
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