How our legal transcription service can save you serious time!

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Working in the legal sector often means long hours, pages upon pages of reading, and a to-do list that somehow never ends! That is why, at Take Note, we do everything we can to make your life easier by providing Legal Transcription services that you never have to worry about.

Only our most proficient transcribers, all of whom have legal and secretarial experience, are assigned to work in this area, and will provide you with a transcript in full verbatim, or intelligent verbatim for a more accessible read. Every transcript is then spot-checked by our proofreaders before being returned to you, and, for absolute peace of mind, our most experienced proofreaders can even go through your transcript and check it word-for-word, ensuring 100% accuracy.

What will we transcribe?

Whatever you need.
 Court proceedings
 Witness statements
 Tribunals
 Dictations
 Hearings
 Conferences
 Police interviews
Don’t see what you’re looking for listed above? Contact us for more information.

Live note taking or audio recording?

As well as providing transcriptions of audio recordings, thanks to our wonderful team of live notetakers, we are also able to send one of our transcribers direct to you! Our team are professional and discreet, and will provide impartial and fair records. By hiring one of our notetakers, not only will you receive a draft copy immediately upon the conclusion of your event, but the fully edited and checked version will be sent to you first thing the following morning.

Timecodes and identifying speakers

As part of our regular transcription service, we provide you with transcripts that are timecoded every ten minutes, but we can also provide transcripts that are timecoded at every change of speaker, every minute, or even according to the time of day that the recording took place.
We can also identify or anonymise speakers, depending on your preference. As standard for transcriptions with three or fewer speakers, we automatically ID all speakers who are identifiable. If your transcript features four or more speakers, we are happy to identify all speakers, but request that you provide accompanying video to help us with this. If you prefer all speakers to remain anonymous, we are more than happy to oblige with this as well.

Security and authenticity

At Take Note, we take confidentiality very seriously. All of our transcribers have signed non-disclosure agreements, and we are happy to consider any bespoke NDAs that you also feel might be required. For projects that contain particularly sensitive information, we can also provide password-protected transcripts.
If you require it, we are also happy to provide a statement of authenticity confirming the transcription was carried out by an independent third party, and that its accuracy was verified before being returned to you.

More information about our Legal Transcription services can be found here, and feel free to contact us with any other queries.


Written by Transcriber Lydia


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