US English Added to Extensive Suite of Transcription Services

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We’ve got some exciting news to share with you all. US English is now part of our extensive range of customisation options for all your video or audio transcription services.

You can request US English spelling across the full range of transcript types, including Verbatim, Detailed Notes (our unique condensed transcript for fast and easy reviewing), captions (subtitling service), and Live Minute & Note Taking.

The UK and US have always had a ‘special relationship’ and although we have many things in common, there are some differences. When it comes to language there’s not only a divergence of spelling but often in meaning too.

The UK’s beloved fish n’ chips does not come with a packet of salt and vinegar crisps. But, traditionally with what Americans would term steak fries. Who knew the humble potato could be responsible for so much confusion?! And, let’s not even get started on biscuits.

How our US English audio and video transcription option works

It couldn’t be easier.

Simply select the US English option when uploading your file to our fully encrypted portal. Your project is then allocated to one of the 600 strong team of highly skilled elite UK-based transcribers. Your files will be returned to you in US English with at least 99% accuracy guaranteed and within your chosen time frame.

If you want your transcript to match the US origin of your content or if you use US English in your organisation, you’ll get the same great service but with the US spellings applied.

“Our dedication to quality, world-class security credentials, excellent customer service and guaranteed delivery times 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, means that we attract clients with English language content from around the globe. The addition of US English is another example of how we continually look to evolve our services to provide our customers with transcripts tailored to their specific requirements.”

David Abbott, CEO, Take Note

Customising your transcript

We know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to the transcription services . The type of file you have, your reason for requiring a transcript and how you plan to use the information can all influence the output you need.

We’re continually developing our suite of customisation options to ensure you get the transcript you need, right first time.

In addition to US English, transcripts can be tailored in a variety of other ways. Our recently launched Anonymisation Service removes respondents’ personally identifying information which is ideal for GDPR compliance.

If your content contains multiple speakers it can make the conversation difficult to follow in written form. Multiple speaker timestamps and speaker ID help you to follow the flow and easily navigate back to key moments in your content.

Specialist support is also on hand for more technical content such as medical, legal or industry-specific terms. By giving us a heads up for technical content we can ensure everything is captured for an accurate transcript.

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