What is Verbatim and do I need it?

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When you’re choosing the level of detail for your audio transcription, it can sometimes be quite confusing when there are various different service options on offer. The best one for you will depend on what you’re using your transcript for. Here you can find an outline of the pros and cons of choosing verbatim over intelligent verbatim.

So, what is verbatim anyway?

Well, um, you know how people, like, sometimes speak, err, kind of like this? They might hesitate a lot, or use a lot of filler words such as ‘like’ and ‘you know’, especially if they’re not really comfortable with what they’re saying. If you choose a verbatim service, all of those hesitations and filler words will be included in your word for word transcript.
The most important reason for including all of this information? Emotion. Having every little bit of speech left in your transcript is the easiest way to see how someone was feeling during an interview without having to listen to the audio.
You might want this level of detail if you’re using a file for legal or HR purposes so that you can see all of the places where the speaker was unsure, and all the places they might have cut themselves off mid-thought to start again and reword it. It’s also the level of detail you’ll get from us if you’re looking for a Post Production Script for sales or for your network to review so that you’ve got every single element of the speech in there.
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If verbatim is so great, why would you ever choose intelligent verbatim?

Well, reading all that umming and erring can start to get a little grating after a while. If you’re more interested in what everyone was saying than in how they were feeling while they said it, intelligent verbatim will prioritise your ease of reading while still keeping every scrap of content. This is the service we’d recommend for any hearings, focus groups or meetings where you want to know everything that was said but don’t want to be wading through everyone’s hesitations. It’s much easier on the eye, and so you’ll be able to quickly scan through and pick up on key themes and discussion points, which might not be obvious under all the extras in a verbatim transcript.
If that still sounds like too much detail to you, we also offer detailed notes.
So there we have it. If you’re looking for all the emotion and drama in your transcript, and need to know every little thing that was said, choose verbatim. Want the content without any of the filler? Select intelligent verbatim.
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