What Level of Transcription Service Do I Need?

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Here at Take Note we offer a range of note taking and transcription services for companies up and down the country – offering a tailored service for all our clients. We understand the importance of getting it right first time and work hard to offer you the service that your business will benefit from the most.

Here at Take Note we have various levels of transcription for you to choose from; here is a low down of what they all comprise of to help you choose the most suitable one for you:

Full Transcription:

This is a word for word transcription we can produce for hearings, meetings, focus groups and much more. We have two options within our full transcription service:
1. Typed using intelligent verbatim, removing all the umm, ahhs and false starts to leave you with a clean, comprehensive read.
2. This is a word for word verbatim including every single umm and ahh to ensure it reflects the carbon copy of the audio. This transcription can be formatted to suit your specific needs.
The full transcription service is ideal for when every word is important, particularly where a disciplinary or hearing is concerned.

Summary Transcription:

This is where the dialogue within the transcripts is summarised, still including all the core themes of the meeting to ensure a concise read. Summary transcription still includes all the relevant verbatim; it just removes all repetition and all non-relevant speech. It focusses on key speakers and detailed answers to questions.

The summary transcription is recommended for when you still require a detailed record of a meeting; however you don’t have the time to trawl through pages of word for word transcription.

Notes and Quotes:

This is the most condensed option to choose from – it’s brief, concise and to the point. Key points are written as quotes but everything else is summarised. This is ideal for use as a simple recap or a reminder of what was said. This service can also be tailored to suit your needs.




For more information on any of the services we offer or for further advice on the type of service you require don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0207 928 1048.

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