When to bring in the professional transcribers

Professional transcription services

We’ve all been there; it’s a long and dreary Friday afternoon and you’ve been tasked with writing up the notes from that important meeting you had on Monday morning.  Except, when you go to do that, you discover your handwriting is worse than you realised and you can barely decipher your own name, or Autocorrect has been having a field day and ‘stakeholder meeting about the next quarter’ has become ‘steak holder meat in a boat the nest quart or’!


Thankfully for you there’s an easy answer: transcription.


By recording your meeting and having the audio or video professionally transcribed, you are ensuring the records you have are up to the professional standard your business requires.


When time is not on your side

Not only that, but what could take you many hours of labouring over incomprehensible notes can take experienced transcribers mere minutes, meaning quick turnaround and you being able to get on with the job you are actually being paid to do! Send an audio recording of your Monday meeting off to a transcriber that afternoon and by Tuesday morning there’ll be a fully-formatted written version of it sitting in your inbox.


When you know your attention to detail isn’t on point

If accuracy is what you’re looking for then long gone are the days of scrawled notes on the back of a napkin.  Thanks to the Voice Memos app on your phone, within a matter of hours you can have your hands on a written record, completely verbatim, of the discussion you had over brunch; yes, it’ll even include that bad joke you always tell clients!


When you want to be efficient

In contrast, perhaps you had a meeting on next year’s marketing budget that also included a twenty-minute conversation about the great barbecue you went to last weekend.  In which case, a summarised transcript might be more to your liking.  Why spend loads of time sifting through an audio recording about hamburgers and burnt hotdogs when you could just quickly skim through a three-page word document of all the important points?


When you want to cover your back

Sometimes accuracy isn’t just about ensuring you got your numbers right.  If your meeting concerns a legal matter, having an accurate transcription of that meeting is of the upmost importance.  Even better, professionally-written transcripts can be provided alongside a certificate of authenticity which confirms they have been written by a qualified transcriber and verified for accuracy.  These transcripts can even be accepted as evidence in court cases.


Transcripts save you time and your boss money.  They ensure you don’t miss anything and act as accurate, official records of your discussions.  Most importantly, they can be really useful in legal situations.  Remember: real heroes don’t wear capes, they transcribe. 


Written by Transcriber Lydia

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