Why Are UK Based Transcription Services Better?

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4 Key Benefits of Using UK Based Transcription Services

When you’ve been looking for a transcription service, you’ve likely given some thought to the cost and the timeframe to get your transcription, but have you considered who is transcribing your audio and video content and where they are?

For most of us, security and regulatory compliance is a necessary part of doing business that doesn’t exactly bring us joy! It feels like the equivalent of car tax, MOT and insurance. Essential, but dull.

Here’s the good news. If you want peace of mind along with accuracy, data security, regulatory compliance and contextual understanding, UK based transcription services are hard to beat. 

Here’s 4 key reasons why UK based companies should be at the top of your list when you’re looking for a transcription service.

1. Security and High Working Standards

The UK has a long history of taking data protection seriously — pursuing privacy violations through a robust and respected judicial system. This is critical in providing a safe environment for your data and giving you a level of protection if something does go wrong.

The UK also has high working standards. With more paid vacation days, guaranteed maternity leave and higher health and safety standards than some other English speaking countries. 

You want a transcriber who is focused on getting your recording completed and back to you on time and done right. Finding a company that’s interested in offering high working standards is important to getting the quality transcription outcome you’re looking for. After all, we’ve all heard that a stellar Employee Experience is reflected in the Customer Experience.

From both of these standpoints, however, just looking for a company based in the UK isn’t enough — you need to make sure that their transcribers are actually in the UK as well. Many transcription services offshore their labour. This can help to lower prices, but it comes at the cost of accountability.

2. Data Protection & GDPR Compliance 

You’ll have processes in place to ensure the protection of your data and that of your client’s. When you’ve done all that work, it makes sense to use a third party provider that adheres to those same high standards

It can be hard enough to manage your own compliance but making sure that your partners are doing the same can be a whole other ordeal. Some due diligence at the start of any partnership should ensure that any suppliers you select get a big tick in the compliance box and save you any headaches further down the road.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that came into effect on 25th May 2018, doesn’t simply make companies responsible for their data and require the reporting of breaches, it levels a number of unique requirements aimed at ensuring the protection of data. Although the UK has left the EU, there is a UK version of the GDPR in domestic law and so UK companies will have a comprehensive understanding of what is required. 

ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications are a positive sign that a company sees data security as a priority. Companies with these international accreditations have gone through rigorous assessments from independent regulators. 

The majority of UK transcription firms are also more than happy to sign NDAs. If they agree to sign, it’s a good indication that they take their data management and security seriously.

3. UK Transcribers Are Used to Handling an Accent

Understanding the inflexions of different dialects can make a huge difference in the quality of the transcription outcome that you receive. Accents can present a challenge. Meaning can be lost, words completely misheard, colloquialisms confounded — all of which is detrimental to an accurate transcript.

Depending on where you get your transcription if the transcriber finds an accent difficult to understand you are likely to be charged more, as it will take them longer to produce the transcript. 

This is one reason that picking native English speakers can help to deliver the best outcome. But, the British have everyone else beat when it comes to the nuances of the English language. They have practice with some of the most obscure and complex variations in modern usage, along with more direct experience with non-native speakers than the rest of the English speaking world.

In the UK, there are a wonderful array of dialects – almost 40! People from different parts of the UK speak the same language so differently that many other native English speakers (sorry Americans!) would swear that they weren’t speaking English at all! This has given the British unrivalled practice in understanding everyone.

4. Peace Of Mind

You get what you pay for.

This is definitely true when it comes to transcription services. On face value, you may feel that human transcription firms based in the UK are expensive when compared to international ones. But, they provide excellent value when you consider the high service standards and quality outputs. 

UK based companies have to follow all the relevant laws and regulations when it comes to employment as well as data privacy and security. With a UK workforce, you can be confident that transcribers are being paid fairly for their time. 

You can also look for UK transcription services who offer both accuracy and delivery time guarantees so you can be confident you’ll get an excellent transcript when you need it.

Summary: Think About Who is Transcribing Your Recording

What matters most is getting an accurate outcome delivered through a secure process. When it comes to these two factors, the UK is a leading provider of transcription services. 

Partnering with transcription services outside of the UK or with offshore subscribers can introduce language issues or create problems around regulatory compliance.  For these reasons, it’s vital that, should you choose a service that doesn’t provide a UK based transcription team, you and your clients are happy with the content potentially being sent anywhere in the world for transcription.

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Disclaimer – This blog aims to provide you with some basic information regarding the benefits of UK based transcription services. It is not legal, security or technical advice and should not be relied on as such. Please seek professional advice where required.

You’ve been reading about why you should opt for UK based transcription services. If you’d like to learn more about choosing the right transcription services for your needs we’ve pulled together a handy comparison of UK transcription providers to help you find the company that’s right for you.






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