Why It’s Time to Outsource Your Transcription

Outsourcing transcription

What could you get done if you had four extra hours in your day?

Clear out your inbox?

Finish tomorrow’s report?

Take your boss out for lunch, and earn some extra brownie points?

Transcription Time Wasting

Whatever it is, I can tell you one thing you shouldn’t be doing, and that’s sitting bent double

over your computer as you try to transcribe that hour-long meeting you had yesterday!

In fact, wouldn’t it be great if somewhere out there there existed some wonderful people

who could magically transcribe every second of that meeting instead, so that you didn’t

have to toil away at it all day and night?

Fast Transcribers

Well, luckily for you, we do exist, and we are right here, ready and waiting!

By outsourcing any copywriting or transcription work you have to us, you’re freeing up time

that could be put towards far more important things, like doing your actual job! Not only

that, but our team can write at speeds of up to 140 words-per-minute, in comparison to the

average 60 wpm most people can manage. That means we can type up an hour-long audio

file (that would take most people up to ten hours to transcribe) in only four hours!

Professionally Transcribed Documents

Plus, when we say we’ll get it done, we’re not just talking about leaving you with some

messy hodgepodge of a file that is impossible to understand. When we return that

transcript to you it will be crystal clear and delightfully easy-to-read, having been written up

in the Queen’s best English with not an um or an err in sight*. Oh, and it’ll be completely

accurate too, thanks to our team of proofreaders who double-check every file we transcribe

in order to ensure you receive nothing but perfection!

So, if a whole day slogging over transcription sounds like a whole day wasted, send it along

to us, and we’ll have it all sorted in no time.

*Of course, if you’re partial to an ‘um’ or an ‘err’, we’ll be more than happy to oblige you

with our full verbatim service.

Written by Transcriber Lydia


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