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Conducting focus groups as part of market research is an integral part of many businesses and such research can be the difference between failure and success; focus groups are a particularly useful method of research but it can be incredibly time consuming to compile the results and to draw valuable conclusions. The process becomes time consuming when it’s necessary to trawl through the video recordings of the entire group session to pull out the important contributions. Here at Take Note, we have the ideal solution that comes in the form of focus group transcription.

At Take Note we offer exceptional transcription services that could be very beneficial to the efficiency and accuracy of your market research. We conduct our transcription services in three different ways to ensure that we fully meet your needs and deliver an invaluable service time and time again. Our focus group transcription methods are:

Full Transcription

There are actually two different forms of full transcription that we offer. The first is a full verbatim transcription of every single word spoken throughout your focus group; this includes every ‘erm’ and ‘hmm’ to give you the most accurate representation.

The second form of full transcription is edited to take out the hesitations and any ‘hmm’ or ‘err’; you will be presented with a grammatically correct and edited version of the transcription.

Summarised Transcription

This service is perfect for when you’re pushed for time; our team delivers a summarised transcription of your focus group, omitting any irrelevant or invaluable information. Consequently, you are presented with the most important information gained from the focus group that focuses on the responses given from the participants.


This is the simplest form of transcription in which our team pulls out only the essential information, events or quotes. The notes form of transcription is ideal when you require a brief summary of events that acts as a reminder in order to recap with your team at a later date.

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your market research, here at Take Note we’re the perfect choice. Why not browse our website for more information or contact us directly if you have any questions?

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