The Growing Medical Transcription Market

Healthcare professional in scrubs inputting data into a computer

Gone are the days of needing to quickly jot down notes when meeting with patients or during research studies. Medical professionals are reaping the benefits of capturing dialogue word-for-word with technology. Now, tools like medical transcription are allowing them to have referenceable accounts of patient visits, meetings with other professionals, guest lectures and much more.…

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Digital Transcription vs. Human Transcription

Artificial Intelligence typed on a type writer

Transcription is the age-old process of transforming the spoken word into text. This process delivers significant benefits, such as helping to make audio and video content searchable, easy to reference, and more accessible.  In the past, people carried out the art of transcribing by hand before they advanced to using typewriters and later, computers. In…

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Natural Language Processing: Exploring the Highlights and Pitfalls

Robot hand and human hand reaching out to each other

What is natural language processing?  Computers help us in so many ways, including speeding up processes, reducing human error in some tasks and managing dizzying amounts of data.  In essence, computers use a different language than humans. How we would communicate with other people and how we communicate with machines are worlds apart. Natural Language…

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Maximise your video content with MP4 transcription

Woman being recorded on video

If you create video content or work with video, chances are that you will have come into contact with an MP4 file. The global appetite for video content continues to grow exponentially with 91% of businesses using video as a marketing tool in 2023. Simply put, that’s a lot of MP4 files.   However, many creators…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Phonetic Transcription

Dictionary result including the phonetic transcription of the word dictionary

As a key partner to businesses and professionals looking for transcription services, our team often gets asked about niche industry terms. Phonetic transcription is one which can come up, which is quite different from standard transcription audio and video content are transformed into text. Phonetic transcription is not as commonplace outside of the realm of…

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Google Meet Transcription: A Must-Have Tool for Virtual Meetings

Woman joining a Google Meet call from home

Alongside Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Google Meet is becoming an increasingly popular choice to support hybrid and remote work, which has become the norm for many organisations.  Professionals have come to find virtual meetings and online events much more convenient options in many ways. However, they do present some challenges. As businesses adapt to these…

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How Voicemail Transcription Can Improve Your Business Productivity

Voicemail recording light on an office phone

Many companies and sales teams continue to rely on voice messages and voicemail. However, listening to voicemails and catching up on calls can be tedious at times. Now, more are relying on voicemail transcription to read out the details left in voice messages and find the messages more helpful in a text format. Previously, listening…

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Top tips for choosing the best font for subtitles and captions  

Print blocks of letters

As a content creator, you’re likely always working to ensure your content is as clear, accessible, and discoverable as possible. Providing captions and subtitles to your audiences is a great way to achieve these goals. However, simply placing captions or subtitles on your content, rather than taking the time to place them properly and make…

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How To Transcribe Audio to Text the Easy Way

Headphones on a bright yellow background

There has been a surge in the number of podcasts being released and in global audiences developing an affection for audio-first content. In the UK alone, one in four Brits currently listen to podcasts.   Businesses are recognising the power of audio to reach captive audiences and hold their attention for a prolonged period of…

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How-To Guide: TikTok Closed Captions

TikTok app showing on a mobile phone

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world with 3.7M active users in the UK alone. UK users spend an average of 41 minutes on the platform per day.   The immense popularity of the platform means that some videos have racked up billions of views. TikTok is therefore an attractive proposition…

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