How To Transcribe Audio to Text the Easy Way

Headphones on a bright yellow background

There has been a surge in the number of podcasts being released and in global audiences developing an affection for audio-first content. In the UK alone, one in four Brits currently listen to podcasts.   Businesses are recognising the power of audio to reach captive audiences and hold their attention for a prolonged period of…

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How-To Guide: TikTok Closed Captions

TikTok app showing on a mobile phone

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world with 3.7M active users in the UK alone. UK users spend an average of 41 minutes on the platform per day.   The immense popularity of the platform means that some videos have racked up billions of views. TikTok is therefore an attractive proposition…

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Enhance Your iMovie Videos with Captions

Computer with iMovie open, video camera a coffee and piece of cake

Mobile phones can be found in nearly every pocket and the features and functionality they provide get more advanced with every year. Video is now easy to film which has inspired a host of budding amateur videographers, eager and ready to capture memories on film, to keep for prosperity or share with the wider world on…

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How to Transcribe Video To Text 

Video play and pause buttons drawn on a white board

From social videos to Zoom meetings there has been an explosion in the use of video. People are 2x as likely to share video content than any other type of content, so the wide use of video isn’t surprising. Videos have become a ‘must-have’ for marketing purposes, as well as for internal communication.  Videos allow…

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Work Smarter With Searchable Transcripts

Search button on a computer keyboard

It’s estimated that a colossal 82% of all global internet traffic this year will come from video. The platforms and types of content available feel endless. Whether you want to laugh, cry or learn, there’s video and audio content to cater to your every whim. However, with so much content out there, being able to…

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Boost Your Vimeo Videos With Transcription

Vimeo app on mobile phone

When you think of video streaming platforms YouTube might be the first that springs to mind. However, Vimeo also boasts some impressive user stats. Vimeo has over 230 million registered users globally and over 90 million videos are uploaded to the platform each year.  As with any video content you create, it’s vital to make…

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Why Transcripts are Critical For YouTube Videos

YouTube open on a desktop

Most companies have come to an understanding that YouTube opens the door to attracting a huge audience, with a massive 1.7 billion unique visitors per month. It can also claim the accolade of being the world’s second most visited website, only beaten by its parent company Google.  YouTube is packed with every conceivable type of…

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The Importance of Insurance Transcription

Insurance documents

The proportion of insurance claims tainted with fraud in the UK grew by 13% in 2021, according to leading insurer, Aviva. Evidence is often collated as part of the insurance claims process, so it’s crucial that any information collected is done so in a timely manner, as well as stored and shared securely. Audio and…

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