How to Choose a Good Password

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Short on time? If you’re in a hurry, check out our five tips for choosing a good password and good password health:  Choose a strong password that’s easy to remember. We’re fans of the Three Random Words approach to create a password that’s at least 12 characters long  Don’t share your passwords with anyone (including…

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The 5 Must-Haves For Secure Transcription

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When you need a transcript your focus will understandably be on the accuracy and speed of the output, and the subsequent cost.  But security has become priority number 1 in order to protect you, your clients, and participants. Business transcripts typically include sensitive information, confidential or personal content – information that you need to keep…

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GDPR 3 Years On – What You Need To Know About Data Protection and Working With Third-Parties

Padlock and GDPR on a technology background

On May 25th 2018, the GDPR came into effect and changed how our data is stored, processed, managed and used. It created new individual rights over personal data, required businesses to implement more strenuous protections, clearly defined responsibilities and liabilities for data protection, and made the documentation of breaches mandatory. GDPR Update 2021 Three years on,…

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Do You Know Anonymisation from Pseudonymisation?

Anonymisation headshot

Anonymisation is a term that we’re all pretty familiar with. However, in the context of data security and compliance, anonymisation has a specific definition. You may find out that data you thought was anonymous, actually has just been through a process of pseudonymisation. As the name suggests, this isn’t the real deal, it’s an imitation.…

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What is the Most Secure Transcription?

Types of secure transcription services scaled

If you’re looking to get a transcription made of sensitive information, you will be confronted with something of a conundrum. By outsourcing the task, you run the risk of your information falling into the wrong hands. But, creating a transcript yourself is surprisingly hard and time-consuming. The truth is, it’s almost impossible to 100% guarantee…

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Will Transcription Companies Sign an NDA?

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Are Transcription Services Secure? Good news. Most transcription services will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In fact, a lot advertise their willingness to do so right on their websites, along with the confidentiality agreements that they have their transcriptionists sign by default. Even if it isn’t mentioned, most transcription companies will be willing to sign…

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Accreditations to look out for in your ISO Transcription Provider

Accreditation transcription agency

Certifications To Look Out For In ISO Transcription Provider   What do you look for in a transcription service?  Accuracy? Speed? Someone who’ll laugh at your terrible jokes? What about ISOs, NDAs and GDPR? No, you haven’t accidentally stumbled into Acronyms Anonymous, these are terms you want to look out for when selecting your transcription…

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