Can You Create an Audio Transcript on Zoom?

Can You Create an Audio Transcript on Zoom? – Yes, easily! With the dramatic rise in home and socially distant working practices, many of Take Note’s users are looking at alternative methods to capture and create transcripts for their analysis or records. This is a simple guide on how to create an audio transcript on…

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How to manage the work from home calendar crush

Work from home

Calendar Crush is the inevitable growth in diarised audio or video interactions when working from home. When you work remotely seemingly every small conversation, that might usually happen over the desk or by the water cooler, becomes an appointment no shorter than 30 minutes in your calendar.  The result is a calendar that is back…

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9 productivity hacks for working smarter in 2020

productivity hacks clock showing time ticking by

January is over. You’ve kicked off your initiatives for 2020 and business is looking good. As a result it can be the busiest time of the year and critical for early momentum. Take a look at these 9 productivity hacks to ensure you get a headstart without a headache. 1. Use the pomodoro technique Even…

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How to Take Minutes Like a Pro

Note taking 1

Note-taking is a skill that everyone approaches differently, which can cause issues within company meetings. Every meeting participant taking notes in the same meeting can produce a wide range of notes, all with varying levels of detail — and that means varying levels of usefulness.  

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Four Apps to Push Your Productivity Through The Roof


From photo editors to news updates, online shopping to social media, apps have come a long way in the past decade.  In fact, when Apple first launched its aptly titled ‘App Store’ in 2008, there were just 500 available for download, and by next year that number is expected to have hit 5 million.

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