Illiteracy in Britain 2022: How does the UK Compare to the World?

How to be a better listener (1)

A world without reading: For over 50 years, UNESCO has celebrated International Literacy Day in an attempt to highlight and overcome the levels of illiteracy that still exist amongst the world’s population.  When records began back in 1800, adult illiteracy levels were at a whopping 88%, with accessibility to schooling for the vast majority of…

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How to Take Meeting Minutes

how to take meeting minutes

Taking minutes at a meeting is a crucial job, this is our simple guide on what a professional minute taker should consider when attending a meeting. Take Note has been providing professional minute takers & transcription services to businesses across the globe for over a decade; this is our guide on how to take meeting…

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How long does it take to transcribe an hour of audio?

Neonbrand 304490 unsplash scaled

What do the movie Titanic, a flight from the UK to Morocco, and the shaven heads of 662 Canadians all have in common? No idea? Well, they all take approximately the same amount of time as it takes a Take Note transcriber to produce an affordable transcript of one hour of audio.

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How language quirks shape who we are

Language differences

In 2007, professors at the USA’s National Academy of Sciences discovered that native Russian speakers were quicker at identifying certain shades of blue than native English Speakers. And with that gem of a fact, I don’t want anyone complaining that we fail to bring you the important news here at Take Note!

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Top Tips: How To Type Really Fast

Fast typist

In 1946, Stella Pajunas, from Cleveland, Ohio, became the fastest typist in the world, achieving an incredible speed of 216 words per minute. At that pace, it would’ve taken her just under ten years to copy out every word of the King James Bible; five times quicker than the average human. In fact, Ms Pajunas…

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