Online Video Statistics UK 2022 – How Many Videos do People Watch?

Online Video Statistics 2022  Whether it’s browsing Youtube, getting stuck in the black hole that is Facebook Watch or the genuine risk of losing half an afternoon scrolling through viral dance trend videos on Tiktok, online video is everywhere. Through demand for our own video transcription services, we see how much video content creation has…

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Video Research Platforms for Market Researchers 2021

Person taking notes in front on a video interview

What are the leading Video Research Platforms in 2021?  Video has been used in qualitative research for many years. Recording focus groups or interviews are commonplace and it’s a trend that continues to grow. The advancements in technology and the ability to capture video content anywhere, at any time, has spurred the uptake of feedback…

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The Best Market Research Methods

market research methods

Market research is a field that is constantly changing — an ever-adapting group working to understand what modern-day customers are looking for. There are a wide variety of methods available for use when your company is looking for the most useful information from consumers. However, there is one important factor to keep in mind. When…

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Innovative market research techniques | 2020 update

Innovative Market Research Techniques

While staple market research techniques, including focus groups and competitor analysis, are still relevant to some extent, 2020 looks set to shake the market research industry up as much as it does any other field. Only by keeping on top of the latest trends do market researchers stand any chance at retaining innovation and, ultimately,…

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4 Powerful Market Research Interview Techniques 

market research interview

Market research interviews can be difficult to master, especially when all of your interviews will vary — after all, different people will have different responses to your questions. So how can you get market research interview techniques down to an art?  It’s all about looking at every factor at play: how you’ve set up the…

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