Maximise your video content with MP4 transcription

Woman being recorded on video

If you create video content or work with video, chances are that you will have come into contact with an MP4 file. The global appetite for video content continues to grow exponentially with 91% of businesses using video as a marketing tool in 2023. Simply put, that’s a lot of MP4 files.   However, many creators…

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Google Meet Transcription: A Must-Have Tool for Virtual Meetings

Woman joining a Google Meet call from home

Alongside Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Google Meet is becoming an increasingly popular choice to support hybrid and remote work, which has become the norm for many organisations.  Professionals have come to find virtual meetings and online events much more convenient options in many ways. However, they do present some challenges. As businesses adapt to these…

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The Importance of Insurance Transcription

Insurance documents

The proportion of insurance claims tainted with fraud in the UK grew by 13% in 2021, according to leading insurer, Aviva. Evidence is often collated as part of the insurance claims process, so it’s crucial that any information collected is done so in a timely manner, as well as stored and shared securely. Audio and…

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Transcribing Webex Meetings

Wall with Productivity written on it

Cisco Webex has emerged as a big player in the video conferencing market, with 39 million users and 650 million monthly meeting participants. Webex is constantly evolving to keep up with the demands of hybrid working and support the calls, meetings and events of teams of all sizes.   While virtual meetings continue to be the…

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5 Tips For High-Quality Meeting Recordings | Take Note

Meeting attendees around a table

We all know good notes are essential for maintaining the momentum of meetings. Without notes decisions and actions can be lost or forgotten, making time spent in a meeting, wasted time. However, it can be challenging to take notes if you’re trying to actively participate in a meeting. Having everyone take their own notes is…

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Transcription Proofreading

Rod long 425679 unsplash 1 scaled

There are many reasons for requiring transcription services and an almost equally large number of options within the transcription service market. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where an interview, speech, or audio clip needs to be transcribed, it’s vital that you choose the right solution for your project. While you will inevitably need…

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The 5 Must-Haves For Secure Transcription

Left enterprise security peach

When you need a transcript your focus will understandably be on the accuracy and speed of the output, and the subsequent cost.  But security has become priority number 1 in order to protect you, your clients, and participants. Business transcripts typically include sensitive information, confidential or personal content – information that you need to keep…

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