Speech to Text Software vs. Human Transcription Services

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The Differences Between Human Transcription Services & Software Solutions Although transcription services get spoken of as a ‘single’ thing, there are some really fundamental differences within the category that go well beyond comparing different transcription companies. The massive divide is between automatic speech recognition (ASR) software and human transcription services.

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The Best File Formats for Transcription

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Choosing a file format for an audio transcription can be a daunting task if this is your first time using transcription services. Fears around compatibility, audio quality and upload speeds can leave those without a background in technology feeling hesitant and unsure.

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How Much Do Transcription Services Cost?

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No one wants to pay more for something if they can get a better deal elsewhere. One of the most confusing things when looking into transcription services for the first time are the differences in price. If you just take headline price points, it appears that getting an hour worth of audio transcribed could cost…

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Will Transcription Companies Sign an NDA?

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Are Transcription Services Secure? Good news. Most transcription services will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In fact, a lot advertise their willingness to do so right on their websites, along with the confidentiality agreements that they have their transcriptionists sign by default. Even if it isn’t mentioned, most transcription companies will be willing to sign…

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Legal Transcripts: What Legal Teams Need to Know to Get the Right Transcription Service

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Law firms face a noteworthy conundrum when seeking out transcription services. They often have particularly sensitive data that requires security guarantees. They need high accuracy standards for recordings that can contain obscure legal jargon. However, law firms often find themselves with huge quantities of recorded material that they need transcribed on any given case. Quick…

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How HR Teams Can Get the Right Transcript

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Human Resource departments need to be able to take accurate and detailed notes to record the contents of meetings, ranging from product demonstrations to dispute resolution. Often, the best way to do this with the highest accuracy and least disruption is to record the event and get a transcript produced later. But finding a quality…

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What Will My Transcript Look Like?

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When first investigating transcription services, most people realise that they aren’t quite sure exactly what their investment in a transcript will deliver. Following a little bit of investigation, people often become even more confused after seeing the wide variation in pricing that exists between transcription companies and different transcription services. You are likely to wonder,…

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Why a Voice Recording Should be your First Draft

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Whether you’re writing a keynote, a report, or the next bestseller, you never know when inspiration might strike. You could be on your morning commute, in the back of a taxi, or in bed at 3am struggling to sleep, when suddenly everything falls into place.

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