The Benefits of Market Research Transcription

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In this current economic climate, it’s more important than ever for companies to be the best they can be, every industry is an extremely competitive place to be and businesses have to work hard to stand out in the crowd. Many companies have realised that the key to success is market research and lots of…

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The Rising Demand for Legal and Medical Transcription

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The transcription service that many legal firms, doctors and hospitals rely on is an extremely important service. Legal transcription is vital to lawyers and legal firms to support their clients, case hearings, interviews with witnesses, and much more. Doctors and healthcare practitioners, on the other hand, rely on transcription services for noting down all details of…

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Why your Podcast needs Transcription

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What is the benefit of transcribing my podcast? There are primarily two key benefits in using audio transcription to get your podcast transcribed. Accessibility: Having transcription on a podcast broadens its accessibility to those who are learning English or who are hard of hearing; giving your user the flexibility to read the content when they…

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Do you think you could freelance?

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When you say you freelance, plenty of people think you simply don’t work and have all the time in the world to listen to their problems. That’s not the case at all, it requires great self-discipline. Certain types of freelance work, like transcription can be much needed additional income that slots brilliantly into your schedule.…

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What is Transcription vs. Translation?

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What is transcription? A transcript is a written or typed version of an audio or video file. Sometimes this will be a word-for-word transcript, otherwise known as ‘verbatim’. Alternatively, this may be a condensed set of notes capturing the key points of what is said.

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Five ways transcripts or captions improve your SEO

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1. Increases search traffic to your site Like most eager marketers, you want to give your website and content the best chance of being seen. If video marketing is the present and future, you’ll want to make sure your video content is being picked up by search engines too. By having a text version of the…

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