Legal Transcripts: What Legal Teams Need to Know to Get the Right Transcription Service

Legal teams and transcription services

Law firms face a noteworthy conundrum when seeking out transcription services. They often have particularly sensitive data that requires security guarantees. They need high accuracy standards for recordings that can contain obscure legal jargon. However, law firms often find themselves with huge quantities of recorded material that they need transcribed on any given case. Quick…

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Academic Transcription Services Made Easy

Academic transcription

Whether you’re an undergraduate trawling through endless notes for your dissertation, a post-grad trying to write your thesis, or a tenured professor working on your next book, you’ve encountered a common dilemma: there’s too much information and not enough of it is either useful or readily accessible.

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Will Accents Impact My Use of Transcription Services?

Photo 1495369470453 f6af4ade471b

The quick answer is that yes, accents will probably impact your transcription service experience. But, things are a bit more complex than that. For starters, accents are relative. Whether or not your accent is deemed challenging will be impacted by the accent of the person transcribing your data. As a general rule, when using human…

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The Best Transcription Apps in 2019 (Updated for 2020)

The best transcription apps 2019

When we begin looking for a transcription app we may be tempted to assume that they are all completely automated. The truth, however, is that transcription service apps are all simply a mobile-based way to interface with a range of transcription services. Some will be automated. Others will be human-based.

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