The Importance of Insurance Transcription

Insurance documents

The proportion of insurance claims tainted with fraud in the UK grew by 13% in 2021, according to leading insurer, Aviva. Evidence is often collated as part of the insurance claims process, so it’s crucial that any information collected is done so in a timely manner, as well as stored and shared securely. Audio and…

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Transcribing Webex Meetings

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Cisco Webex has emerged as a big player in the video conferencing market, with 39 million users and 650 million monthly meeting participants. Webex is constantly evolving to keep up with the demands of hybrid working and support the calls, meetings and events of teams of all sizes.   While virtual meetings continue to be the…

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Supporting Remote Workers with Call Transcription

Remote worker on a call

If you thought remote work was on its way out, think again. Currently, 30% of the UK workforce is working remotely at least once a week. Subsequently, you must consider how to support workers in an increasingly flexible and virtual work environment. Business communications take place through an ever-increasing variety of channels including video, phone,…

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Everything You Need to Know About Webinar Transcription

Webinar to transcribe

While ‘Zoom fatigue’ is very real, on average, 15% of webinar attendees go on to make a purchase or become a client. The humble webinar continues to be a highly effective and popular tool for marketers, particularly in the B2B space.   With that being said, time and effort are still needed to organise speakers,…

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Best Transcription Companies in the UK

best transcription companies uk

Once you’ve decided that you need a transcription company, you are met with a  dizzying abundance of providers. And, obviously, you want to find the best possible option for you.  We hope to make your life a bit easier by helping you to uncover the best match for your requirements from the top UK transcription…

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What is Transcription vs. Translation?

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What is transcription? A transcript is a written or typed version of an audio or video file. Sometimes this will be a word-for-word transcript, otherwise known as ‘verbatim’. Alternatively, this may be a condensed set of notes capturing the key points of what is said.

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Five ways transcripts or captions improve your SEO

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1. Increases search traffic to your site Like most eager marketers, you want to give your website and content the best chance of being seen. If video marketing is the present and future, you’ll want to make sure your video content is being picked up by search engines too. By having a text version of the…

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Transcription Timescales

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When you need a professional transcript of your audio recordings, it is often for a particular reason. When deadlines are important, you need to make sure you get your transcript on time. In truth, there is a wide range of contributing factors that could influence the timescales involved. After all, it makes sense that a…

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