Is Proofreading Important to Transcription Services?

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There are many reasons for requiring transcription services and an almost equally large number of options within the transcription service market. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where an interview, speech, or audio clip needs to be transcribed, it’s vital that you choose the right solution for your project. While you will inevitably need…

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What are The Different Types of Transcription Services?

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There is an astonishing number of transcription services on the market. Technology is powering rapid change in the field, and whether you want to hire a traditional human transcriber or go with a machine-based program, the options on offer can be a little hard to grasp and understand.

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The Best File Formats for Transcription Services

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Choosing a file format for an audio transcription can be a daunting task if this is your first time using transcription services. Fears around compatibility, audio quality and upload speeds can leave those without a background in technology feeling hesitant and unsure.

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Will Transcription Services Sign an NDA? Are Transcription Services Secure?

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Will Transcription Services Sign an NDA? Are Transcription Services Secure?   Good news. Most transcription services will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In fact, a lot advertise their willingness to do so right on their websites, along with the confidentiality agreements that they have their transcriptionists sign by default. Even if it isn’t mentioned, most…

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Why a Voice Recording Should be your First Draft

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Whether you’re writing a keynote, a report, or the next bestseller, you never know when inspiration might strike. You could be on your morning commute, in the back of a taxi, or in bed at 3am struggling to sleep, when suddenly everything falls into place.

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Closed Captions: A Brief History

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What do the red button, teletext page 888 and Netflix all have in common? Well, if you’re old enough, you’ve probably used all three to access closed captions, or subtitles as they are more commonly known in the UK.

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